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LA COMEDY LIVE is proud to announce that Bombay-based stand-up comedian and host of the popular political-comedy podcast ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal’, Kunal Kamra, will return to Singapore on 15 February, 2020, Saturday at the Nexus Auditorium!

Last July 20, Kamra has brought the house down at his sold-out ‘Fresher Thoughts’ show in Singapore. Due to popular demand, the comedy star will be back next year for a rerun of his previous performance filled with piquant comic punches, insights, and truth bombs!




After 8 years in advertising, Kamra started doing stand-up in 2013. He rose through the ranks at blistering pace and is currently well established as one of India’s most important and popular voices on stage and social media, known for his fearless, incisive and often polarizing material. 


''One of the most stunning transformations in Indian stand-up comedy, I have witnessed, has come in the career of Kunal Kamra'' -  Devang Pathak, WasThatFunny

His Blue Frog gig at the start of his experimenting with stand-up has put him on the map.  His knack for one-liners, witty jokes, and casual delivery gained him popularity in no time. He was likewise the creator of the viral YouTube video titled 'Patriotism and the Government’, which brought him a new set of fan followers - lovers of political satire and socially relevant comedy sketches. 

''From fresh to radical to hysterical, everything about Kunal Kamra's thoughts is different from what we have been exposed to in Indian comedy so far'' - Richa Das, Broadway World India


Kamra is also one of the very few from the Indian scene who is a comedian’s comedian as well as popular amongst the masses who sells out venues regularly across the country, one of which was his most recent successful and sold-out show ‘Fresher Thoughts’.

“Kunal Kamra’s ‘Fresh Thoughts’ is a Tour de Force & funnier than any Indian special online'” - Ajay Krishnan, Deadant


Event Date


Saturday, 15 February 2020 4pm


Saturday, 15 February 2020 8pm


Nexus Auditorium

Ticket Pricing

Standard Sales

$55, $65, $79

*Excluding SISTIC Booking Fee

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