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SINGAPORE Event Date Sat, 16 Feb 2019 Venue SOTA Concert Hall

LA Comedy Live is excited to announce that one of India’s most popular comedians, KANAN GILL, will be making his anticipated return to Singapore on Feb 16, 2019, at SOTA Concert Hall!


Kanan Gill’s latest special Teetar is a personal, observational and deeply stupid follow up to 2017’s Keep It Real. In this hilarious one hour show he juggles ideas from Julius Caesar’s death to marching to bands and his building societies.

The show also explain what “teetar” means.




Kanan Gill is an Indian stand-up comedian and YouTuber who rose to fame with the YouTube series, ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ where he reviews flawed yesteryear Bollywood films in a hilarious manner. His partner-in-comedy in running this widely popular series is his fellow stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. The duo has stirred up a storm in the YouTube scenario in the Indian subcontinent with their over-the-top commentaries and super-funny personalities.

“Hilariously relatable.” - Gulf News

A software engineer by profession, Gill has found unbelievable fame in a totally unrelated field. As of today, he has quit his engineering job to focus fully on his career as a comedian, and divides his work between online and offline gigs. As of May 2017, this hugely popular comic star had over 502k subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Ok! Gill,’ 218k followers on his Instagram account and 691k followers on Twitter.

From a young age, Kanan Gill was a funny kid who loved to joke around and play pranks. However, born into a typical Indian family, there was no doubt in his mind that he would one day pursue a conventional career that would guarantee stability. After high school he chose to study computer engineering though he never lost his love for comedy. During his college days he became a part of comedy bands and spent his leisure time writing silly songs. Once he graduated, he took up a cushy job as a software engineer in Exeter Group Inc.


“Kanan’s insightful, disciplined, affably absurd, resonating, and a great storyteller.”- Medium


Even while working as a techie, his passion for comedy continued and he participated in a number of comedy competitions and won the Punchline Bangalore competition. Another win at the Comedy Store in Mumbai followed, giving Gill the confidence to quit his engineering job and focus entirely on developing his career as a comedian.


During his early days as a comedian, Kanan Gill came across another budding comedian, Biswa Kalyan Rath. The duo teamed up and originated the YouTube series ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ where they review Bollywood films in their own funny and twisted ways. The reviewed some popular movies such as ‘Gunda,’ ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’, ‘Prem Aggan’, and ‘Aap ka Suroor’ which earned them a large fan following in movie-crazy India.

Their rising popularity in India soon gained them international notice as well and Gill was given a chance to work in an improvised sketch comedy show, ‘The Living Room,’ on the American channel Comedy Central. He also co-hosted the YouTube FanFest India and was one of the main personalities behind the YouTube Comedy Hunt. Ambitious to achieve even more, Kanan Gill ventured into Bollywood films in 2017 with a minor role in the Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Noor.’ In 2018, he was also the judge on Comicstaan, a comedic reality tv show.

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