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LA Comedy Live is excited to announce that award winning comedians, VIVEK MAHBUBANI & TIM CHAN will be bringing their critically acclaimed show, ‘Cantonese Comedy Adventure’ to Singapore on Oct 19, 2018 at Nexus Auditorium!


Cantonese comedy is a fast-growing culture around Hong Kong and the rest of Asia-Pacific, which is why award-winning comedians Vivek Mahbubani and Tim Chan teamed up to bring the world their 1 hour Cantonese show “Cantonese Comedy Adventure 廣東話棟篤笑孖寶”.


The show has been performed all around Hong Kong in 2017 and was showcased at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Macau Fringe Festival and also the Hong Kong International Laugh Festival.



Vivek Mahbubani is a Hong Kong-bred bilingual stand-up comedian performing in both Cantonese and English. Having been crowned the Funniest Person (in Chinese) in Hong Kong in 2007 followed by his victory in the English category at the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition in 2008, Vivek has had the opportunitY to take his sense of humor all over Asia including Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Manila, Bangkok, Sri Lanka and India.


Having been ranked as the top comedian in Hong Kong, in 2014, the World Famous Laugh Factory in USA ranked Vivek as one of the top 10 comedians In their Annual Funniest Person in the World Competition. In 2015, he was handpicked as one of the comedians to represent Asia's best in Melbourne International Comedy Festival's inaugural "Comedy Zone Asia" shows. In 2016, he was featured in Comedy Central's first ever "Stand up Asia!" shows. One of Vivek's passions is reading and his favorite book is Sun Tzu's Art of War. Oddly, his favorite color is hot pink.



Tim Chan is a new-breed of Cantonese stand-up comedians.He has performed at festivals in Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur and China. Tim won the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival Cantonese category in 2011 and ever since, he has skyrocketed as a comedian in the Asia circuit. As an app developer also, Tim has been featured in many interviews to understand how a nerd can be funny. As much as we all agree that Tim has a great sense of humor, as of this printing, Tim is still single.



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